How Lazy People Can Effectively Create Holiday Cheer

I am not one of these crafty women who can make a Christmas wreath out of toothpicks (It was so easy! I found the instructions online!), and Im not one of these YAY HOLIDAYS people who only wear red and green for the entirety of December (tis the season!), but I DO ENJOY CHEER. Cheer is something I can get behind. Now that I live in a place where there is no winter>, I have been motivated for the first time in my life to put some effort into my holiday experience. (More effort than just going home to my parents house, where I can effortlessly step into a winter wonderland that I didnt have to set up). Here are a few ways for lazy people to bring holiday cheer to their lives:
1) Get that dog a sweater! 
This is so easy, it makes me want to get 8 more dogs and 8 more sweaters. For any holiday, for any occasion, you can instantly spice up your life by getting your dog a sweater. Sometimes I see crazy ladies at the dog park with three dogs, all in sweaters, and my first thought ishey this is L.A., isnt your dog going to be kind of hot? But then my second thought isoh, okay, I get it! You needed cheer in your life.

2) Paint your nails

You and your significant other can go get a $10 manicure that includes cheerful, holiday colors! I mean, look at this! How could you have a bad, or non-festive day when every time you pick up the phone or write an email you see THESE? I mean, having a festive manicure is like having a festive wreath made out of toothpicks that you can TAKE WITH YOU wherever you go, all day long. I used to think grocery store checkout ladies with giant nails were crazy, but now I get it. They probably have to deal with terrible people all daymight as well have some fun nails.

3) Buy a large, cheerful object for your living room

Get a tree, or some other appropriate monument to whatever holiday is in question. I never thought this was important, but I realize now that we are all visual creatures who tend to disbelieve that something is real unless we have proof. My fiancee and I put this tree up, and now when I see it everyday, I have evidence to believe in the miracle of Christmas. And by miracle of Christmas, I of course mean the existence of elves.

This used to just be a living room now it is a living room with a TREE.

4) Hang weird things around that remind you of home

Because home reminds you of when you had a big family that spread holiday cheer like wildfire. At first, I thought it was weird when my fiancee tried to hang this large, wooden sign on our tree. Clearly, this sign is meant to be hung over a ponys stable (a pony named little buckaroo) or over a childs bed. But she is from Texas, and she is a buckaroo, and this sign reminds her of home, so she put it on our tree and, even though it takes up half of the tree, I totally get it and Im glad it is there. 

Other ideas for things you can hang on the tree/around the house to remind you of family:

1) family photos, preferably glamour shots from when you and your mom dressed alike:

2) a scarf that your grandma knit you (possible garland?)

3) cards that your family sends

4) chocolates or snacks that remind you of your family (my grandparents used to twist chocolates in decorative foil and hang them on the tree, but they only lasted seconds before being eaten)

So, in conclusion, you dont have to be crafty to have cheer in your life. This is great news. Now go put chachkas all around your living room and on your fake tree from Targetand enjoy!